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Environmental Geology Online (GEOL120)

Through Spring 2016 (now retired)

Phil Farquharson, presided

Hangin' out at the East Kaibab Monocline
Hangin' out at the East Kaibab Monocline

Things to ponder for online learning:

Recommended Text Book:

Introduction to Environmental Geology, Fifth Edition, Edward A.. Keller, 2012, Pearson Prentice Hall.
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-72751-0
ISBN-10: 0-321-72751-7
E-book is available as well...
Optional Regional Geology Resource Books:

The Rise and Fall of San Diego: 150 Million Years of History Recorded in Sedimentary Rocks, Patrick L. Abbott, 1999, Sunbelt Publications.
ISBN: 0-932653-31-6

Roadside Geology along Sunrise Highway, Michael J. Walawender, 2011, San Diego Association of Geologists.
ISBN: 978-0-916251-19-2

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Powerpoint Presentations (Flash & PDF versions)

based on Introduction to Environmental Geology 5th Edition, by Keller
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The GRAND Canyon
Geology of the Grand Canyon
work in progress - 155 slides!
REALLY Final Revision, 4 December 2017