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This is a list of selected articles published within the last several years in periodicals that are aimed primarily at people with an introductory science background. ENJOY!

Phil Farquharson

NOTE: These articles come as either web pages (.htm files) or Portable Document Format (.pdf files). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files. To get a free download of Acrobat Reader, click here

Travels in Geology: CYPRUS Island of Oceanic Crust
by Terri Cook and Lon Abbott (EARTH, v. 60; no. 11; p. 42-49, November 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

FLARING OUR WAY Out of a Water Crisis
by Yael R. Glazer, F. Todd Davidson and Michael E. Webber (EARTH, v. 60; no. 11; p. 34-41, November 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

by John Lasker (EARTH, v. 60; no. 11; p. 24-33, November 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

VITAL SECONDS: The Journey Toward Earthquake Early Warning for All
by Jennifer Strauss (EARTH, v. 60; no. 10; p. 32-39, October 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

ENDANGERED ICEBREAKERS The Future of Arctic Research, Exploration and Rescue at Risk
by Piper Lewis (EARTH, v. 60; no. 8; p. 26-33, August 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

July 22, 1960: Mineral Discovery Ends Meteor Crater Debate
by Julia Rosen (EARTH, v. 60; no. 7; p. 57-59, July 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

Rock Stars: Geologists on the Silver Screen fun!
by Erik Sturkell, Axel Sjöqvist, Lennart Björklund and Andreas Johnsson (EARTH, v. 60; no. 6; p. 24-33, June 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

A dry and ravaged land: Investigating Water resources in Afghanistan
by Jon Campbell (EARTH, v. 60; no. 1; p. 26-33, January 2015) Link... (PDF - new window)

Faking Quakes at Full Scale
by Timothy Oleson (EARTH, v. 59; no. 5; p. 24-31, May 2014) Link... (PDF - new window)

Precise to a Fault: How GPS Revolutionized Seismic Research
by John Stenmarck (EARTH, v. 59; no. 5; p. 32-39, May 2014) Link... (PDF - new window)

Scientists Go to Extremes to Monitor Arctic Permafrost Loss
by Irina Overeem (EARTH, v. 59; no. 4; p. 24-31, April 2014) Link... (PDF - new window)

Disaster Strikes Along Colorado's Front Range (three articles from Earth Magazine)
by Terri Cook, Geoff Plumlee and Terri Cook (EARTH, v. 59; no. 2; p. 24-41, February 2014) Link... (PDF - new window)

Be Prepared: Navigating the Risks of Hazard Research
by Naomi Lubick (EARTH, v. 59; no. 1; p. 26-35, January 2014) Link... (PDF - new window)

Climate, Terroir & Wine: What matters most in producing a great wine?
by Gregory V. Jones (EARTH, v. 59; no. 1; p. 36-43, January 2014) Link... (PDF - new window)

Droning on for science: Unmanned aerial vehicles take off in geosciences research
by Timothy Oleson (EARTH, v. 58; no. 7; p. 28-37, July 2013) Link... (PDF - new window)

The energy-water nexus: Managing water in an energy-constrained world
by Kelly T. Sanders and Michael E. Webber (EARTH, v. 58; no. 7; p. 38-45, July 2013) Link... (PDF - new window)

A hurricane by any other name: How Sandy changed the way we issue storm warnings
by Naomi Lubick (EARTH, v. 58; no. 10; p. 24-33, October 2013) Link... (PDF - new window)

Energy storage brings a renewable energy future one step closer
by Julia Rosen (EARTH, v. 58; no. 10; p. 34-41, October 2013) Link... (PDF - new window)

The following articles are a little more technical, but you may find them interesting:

Land transformation by humans: A review
by Roger LeB. Hooke and José F. Martín-Duque (GSA TODAY, v. 22; no. 12; p. 4-10, December 2012) Link... (PDF - new window)

Future volcanism at Yellowstone caldera: Insights from geochemistry of young volcanic units and monitoring of volcanic unrest
by Guillaume Girard and John Stix (GSA Today, v. 22; no. 9; p. 4-10, September 2012) Link... (PDF - new window)

A human-induced hothouse climate?
by David L. Kidder and Thomas R. Worsley (GSA Today, v. 22; no. 2; p. 4-11, February 2012) Link... (PDF - new window)

Turbulent lifestyle: Microbial mats on Earth's sandy beaches - Today and 3 billion years ago
by Nora Noffke (GSA Today, v. 18, no. 10, p. 4-9, October 2008) Link... (PDF - new window)

Is there enough sand? Evaluating the fate of Grand Canyon sandbars
by Scott A. Wright and others (GSA Today, v. 18, no. 8, p. 4-10, August 2008) Link... (PDF - new window)

A geological and geophysical context for the Wenchuan earthquake of 12 May 2008, Sichuan, People's Republic of China
by B.C. Burchfiel and others (GSA Today, v. 18, no. 7, p. 4-11, July 2008) Link... (PDF - new window)

Are we now living in the Anthropocene?
by Jan Zalasiewicz and others (GSA Today, v. 18, no. 2, p. 4-8, February 2008) Link... (PDF - new window)

Is agriculture eroding civilization's foundation?
by David R. Montgomery (GSA Today, v. 17, no. 10, p. 4-9, October 2007) Link... (PDF - new window)

New Madrid seismic zone fault geometry
by Ryan Csontos and Roy Van Arsdale (Geosphere, v. 4; no. 5; p. 802-813, October 2008) Link... (PDF - new window)

A New Look at Mining & the Environment: Finding Common Ground
by Frank Manheim (Geotimes Magazine, April 2006 web archive.)  Link...

Bones from the Tar Pits
by John M. Harris (Natural History Magazine, June 2007 web archive.)  Link...

Cooking the Climate with Coal
by Jeff Goodell (Natural History Magazine, May 2006 web archive.)  Link...

Drilling Back to the Future
[article about using ice cores to learn about past climates] by Ross D. Powell, Robert M. DeConto and David Pollard (Geotimes Magazine, March 2006 web archive.)  Link...

Rooting Out Radioactive Groundwater
by Avner Vengosh (Geotimes Magazine, May 2006 web archive.)  Link...

Turning Trash into Energy
by the Geotimes Staff (Geotimes Magazine, February 2006 web archive.)  Link...

When Levees Fail by Megan Sevier
(Geotimes Magazine, August 2006 web archive.)  Link...

Extinction of the Dinosaurs in North America
  by David Fastovsky and Peter Sheehan (GSA Today, March 2005).  The authors present evidence that the extinction of dinosaurs in North America was abrupt, not gradual.  Link... (PDF - new window)

The Increasing Costs of U.S. Natural Disasters
by Princeton University Geoscience 499 Class (Geotimes Magazine, November 2005 web archive.)  Link...

Mountain Roots and the Survival of Cratons
  by James Jackson (Astronomy & Geophysics, v. 46, p. April 2005) Link... (PDF - new window)

When Seafloor meets Ocean, the Chemistry is Amazing
by Jean K. Whelan (Oceanus magazine, v. 42, no. 2, p. 66-71, 2004) Link... (PDF - new window)

Origins of Water on Earth
 by James Kasting (Scientific American special issue: The Solar System, 2003) Link... (PDF - new window)


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